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Certifix Live Scan

Certifix Live Scan is a service that offers digital fingerprinting for various purposes such as background checks, licensing, and employment screening. It uses advanced biometric technology to capture fingerprints electronically, eliminating the need for messy ink and paper. The process is quick, efficient, and provides accurate results. Certifix Live Scan’s services are often used by individuals, businesses, and government agencies to streamline the fingerprinting process and ensure compliance with background check requirements.

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PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is a virtual mailbox service that allows users to manage their postal mail online. With PostScan Mail, individuals and businesses can have their physical mail sent to a designated address, where it is received, digitized, and made accessible through a secure online platform. Users can view scanned images of their mail items, choose to have them opened and scanned, forward them to another address, or securely shred and recycle them. This service offers convenience, security, and flexibility for those looking to streamline their mail handling process and manage their correspondence remotely.

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